General Introduction


Hi and welcome to Megan’s Professional Learning Portfolio.

The rationale underpinning this portfolio is the continual improvement of teaching practice in line with the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership National Professional Standards for Teachers. My own personal philosophy on teaching is based on catering to students diverse range of needs, not only within the classroom, but also in a broader sense, encompassing the development of social, moral and ethical skills, in order to become creative, critical thinking, digital citizens of the 21st Century. I believe that teachers hold a great deal of moral power and are privileged to be able to expand the minds of our students for the greater good of society.

The first artefact discussed in this blog is a voice levels chart. This artefact highlights my growth in the area of classroom management. I was able to identify the need for improvement in my practice and researched how other teachers handled a noisy classroom. By implementing the voice levels chart I improved my practice by setting up the learning environment for students and providing them with clear directions in order to eliminate unwanted noise and disruption from my classroom.

The second artefact  discussed is a word cloud created though Wordle. This artefact demonstrates my ability to cater to student skills, interests and learning styles, focussing specifically on culturally and linguistically diverse learners (CALD). By implementing teaching strategies which best met their needs, interests and skills set, the artefact shows my understanding of the importance of finding out what types of learners occupy your classroom and adjusting content to suit students’ diverse needs.

The third artefact contains comments from my co-operating teacher and the Head Teacher of English. This artefact demonstrates my engagement with colleagues in order to improve my teaching practice. My cooperating teacher pointed out that I was failing to include the whole class in my activities and discussions. Instead only two or three students would participate.  I utilised the advice given to me by my colleagues and found a way to solve this problem

The fourth artefact is a lesson plan based on the digital novel Inanimate Alice. The artefact highlights my ability to reflect on the transformational nature of literacy, and incorporate 21st Century literacy focussed teaching strategies within the discipline of English.

The fifth artefact is a TrackStar creative commons social bookmarking tool. This artefact is a pertinent example of how I informed my students about safe, responsible and ethical behaviour online. It is important to me as it was a defining moment in my practicum, as I realised I was developing my understanding of not only the academic needs of my students but also the moral codes students require to be able to function in a 21st Century society.

I hope you enjoy exploring this blog and joining me on my professional learning adventure.


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